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About Us | Fachmann & Hunter

Fachmann and Hunter: Applying Creativity and Innovation with a Global vision and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities).


Fachmann and Hunter is a UK based Private Research & Development consultancy, with the capacity to operate Remote and onsite Project Management Office (PMO).

Our current focus is on offering our services to indigenous and international businesses / investors in emerging markets such as those in the ECOWAS region (Economic Community Of West African States). We provide our clients with strategic and tactical solutions towards their sustained growth and operational excellence, with emphasis on innovation embedded in Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) in the emerging markets. We think of our clients and how / what technologies, people, and processes could be aligned to work effectively within their organisations.

Operational excellence is a simple concept with complex implications. Consistently doing things well across every element of the value chain is clear enough in principle. But it is a moving target: To create and maintain competitive advantage or to reduced competitive disadvantage, successful enterprises, and Project-Based organizations in particular must constantly adapt to new situations. Customers discover new needs as they come to expect better quality and lower prices. New markets emerge in an ever shrinking world. Yet, these dynamics do not alter the fundamentals of operational excellence. But they do force companies to be excellent at doing different things. Hence organizations need to be structured to create synergy between strategy, project, program and portfolio management and the project approach needs to both generate tangible value for the stockholders and be sustainable.

Consequently, based on the consideration that there is a constant need for organizations to create lean and agile temporary operations and systems for the performance of project tasks or activities, our Project Management Office (PMO) acts on behalf of our clients to this effect,to achieve sustainable positive outcomes towards success  and effective implementation of  growth strategy.

In addition, Traditional PMO’s base project management principles on industry-standard methodologies such as PMBOK or PRINCE2. Increasingly influential industry certification programs such as ISO9000 and the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) have propelled organizations to standardize processes. Organizations around the globe are defining, borrowing and collecting best practices in process and project management and are increasingly assigning the PMO to exert overall influence and evolution of thought to continual organizational improvement.

Hence, our multidisciplinary teams which constitutes groups of professionals from diverse disciplines collaborate remotely via the internet and on-site to set up PMOs to establish structure and standardize processes to the effect as stated above. We provide comprehensive assessment and consultation towards promoting investments by the deployment and implementation of Best-Practice Project Management, alongside required business and legal services.


Companies that cannot afford a full-fledged PMO are now seriously contemplating to outsource PMO work to qualified professionals, that is where we come in”.



Our teams of Local and international experts may also fulfill a variety of additional functions on behalf of investors during and through the live time of projects. They can promote co-ordination between local agencies and Governments; provide a “checks and balances” mechanism to ensure that the interests and rights of all concerned parties are addressed; and identify service gaps and breakdowns in coordination or communication between agencies or individuals.

Our Vision: is to be the one stop destination for all issues relating to all forms of business improvement initiatives with the leverage of world-class consultancy in the emerging market.

Thus, our Mission is becoming the reference consultancy for local and international businesses in the emerging markets. We hope to provide all types of strategic, tactical and operational solutions to help businesses succeed and grow effectively in the emerging markets.

Fachmann & Hunter and SageWatch Nigeria (Project Management Office) PMO Consortium is to be regarded as the most respected provider of Creativity and Innovation within the Commercial space of our target ECOWAS Markets, embedded in Best-Practice Project Management as a service, alongside required business and legal services to create and maintain  competitive advantage or to reduced competitive disadvantage for our clients.

We have particular interest in West Africa in the following sub-sectors: Real Estate, Health care and Educational Infrastructure procurement, Agricultural, Energy and Power, housing, manufacturing, solid mineral, transportation, Oil and gas sub-sectors, Business Projects Involving IS/IT including e-Business Logistics and Supply Chain Management etc. We link Local and international prospective investors with experts in different investment sectors of the West African Economy, whilst ensuring all clients are provided with the best solution possible and to ensure investments are well coordinated towards achieving desired targets and beyond.

We provide strategic, tactical, operational and Project management solutions to help your business succeed and grow effectively.


Our business and Project management consulting team consists of knowledgeable and experienced management, business, financial and legal professionals, as well as numerous business and industry specialists that are dedicated to the continuous success of our business , clients’ and affiliates’, all geared towards business process optimisation and the realisation of successful Projects. In our experience business and Project, management optimisation should be an intricately woven constituent of any success venture and not just an add-on nor afterthought.

Our team of business savvy technologically empowered operatives always have an eye for business’ improvement solutions, from the first contacts all through the growth of your business.

Project Management Office – Functions and Responsibilities

As more and more organizations, across the globe, are keen on standardizing procedures and practices – the role of a project management office has gained a good amount of significance.

Main Duties and Responsibilities of our Project Management Office (PMO)

  • leading the planning and implementation of Clients project or Providing support and guidance to managers in project implementation.
  • develop full scale project plans including scheduling project timelines.
  • assemble and coordinate project staff.
  • manage project budget.
  • manage project resource allocation.
  • Introducing the right processes and developing suitable methodology – all aimed at developing acceptable standards.
  • facilitate the definition of project scope, goals and deliverables.
  • define project tasks and resource requirements.
  • Design training programs to increase the efficiency of the team members.
  • Continuously monitoring the progress of different projects and mentoring the team members.
  • constantly monitor and report on progress of the project to all stakeholders.
  • Selecting, introducing, and monitoring the use of appropriate software tools towards tracking project deliverables.
  • Developing program managers and training them to work on multiple inter-related projects.
  • Allocating resource optimally for timely completion of work.
  • quality assurance.
  • present reports defining project progress, problems and solutions.
  • implement and manage project changes and interventions to achieve project outputs.
  • project evaluations and assessment of results.
  • Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution.

As business management is becoming more complex and competitive, organizations are searching for fresh and innovative methods to minimize expenses, improve work efficiency, increase productivity, and expand business operations. That’s where most organizations find the ability to outsource to a project management office as a ray of hope. Businesses have realized the immense benefits of having this function handled by experts in specialized project management offices.

Outsourcing PMO makes it easier to manage diverse projects, whilst considering human and monetary resources, rapidly advancing technologies, and the challenging competitive scenario presented by the modern project landscape.